My Next Film - Oppurtunities


Refer MNF Your Friends

Guiding Someone Along The Right Path Is An Act Of Generosity!

The Film making world throws a series of challenges to the newcomers.

Any filmmaking aspirant, referred by you to will be ever grateful to you for doing so.

Further, referring your friends may extend your own privileges at

Collaborate With MNF

One And One Are Eleven!

MNF is redefining the ways in which future film making projects will be carried out.

Any early collaborations will definitely accelerate the process.

Feel free to suggest the manner in which you would like to collaborate with MNF.

Add Script to MNF Sample Script

Even One Scene Can Get You A Script Writing Assignment!

Lots of filmmaking enthusiasts try out MNF products through Sample Scripts available at the website

Inclusion of your short script in the Sample Basket makes it visible to diversified people across languages.

Who knows if your jackpot is waiting here for you!

Filmmakers Global Gathering

Interaction With Wise People Leads One Towards Wisdom!

Rendezvous is an opportunity for the Filmmakers to regularly interact with a global community committed to the same pursuit.

You get valuable new take-aways from every session which makes your journey as a Filmmaker enjoyable.

You can even find collaborators from amongst the community.

Become Language Pair Partner

Practice Makes A Man Perfect!

By Joining MNF as a Language Pair Partner, you will earn a lucrative share of MNF’s receipts from Conversion Studio.

It also bestows upon you the privileges exclusive to the MNF team.

You will refine your Script Writing skills by creatively and contextually vetting the computer generated translations.

Become MNF Messiah

Your Personal Network Defines Your Universe!

Offering yourself as MNF Messiah is an opportunity to showcase your personality and demonstrate your skills before a global filmmaking community.

As a MNF Messiah you become eligible to receive a generous share of MNF’s membership receipts.

It also bestows upon you the privileges exclusive to the MNF team.

Become Harkat Club Administrator

Leaders Create Opportunities For Others!

Every creative talent longs for expressing, utilising and showcasing his/her skills and creativity.

By setting up and administering a Harkat Club, you can give birth to tomorrow’s shining stars by providing such opportunities to the immensely talented enthusiasts in your vicinity.

Besides availing the privileges exclusive to the MNF team, by Networking with diversely skilled people through your club, you can create earning opportunities by accepting filmmaking related assignments available in your part of the world.