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This Agreement is made between you (“You”) and My Next Film (”MNF” or “We” or “Us”). MNF provides a service (the "Service") that links independent translators (like You) with clients that need their content and resources, particularly screenplay translations, approved into specific languages. By using the service, you accept this Translator Agreement, the MNF Translator NDA, and the MNF Terms of Service. If you do not agree with the terms of this Agreement, you are not permitted to use the Service or communicate with any current or potential MNF customers (referred to as "Customers") if you disagree with the provisions of this Agreement. You certify that you are at least 18 years old or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction or place of residence, whichever is older.

1. You agree to the MNF Translator NDA

You accept the terms of the MNF Translator NDA, which is referenced here. In accordance with the NDA, among other things:

Additionally, within 30 days of completing a job or when you no longer need them, you must remove all client materials (for example if You declined to take the job). The translations you produce may be kept for historical research only; they cannot be shared as translation samples or used in any other way.

2. You agree to provide quality translations

Your translations must adhere to the MNF Quality Policy, the Quality Levels, and any other guidelines or standards that are specific to each job. You acknowledge that you will do the work yourself and in a skilled manner. Without giving You prior notice, MNF reserves the right to terminate the project and/or this Agreement immediately in the event that any submitted machine translations fall short of their high standards. You must only update the translation where it is inappropriate or wrong according to client concerns, keeping the formatting of the original document intact.

3. You commit to exercising caution and acting in MNF's best interests.

a) Flag jobs that have problems : Any job that the MNF system processes has the potential to experience customer mistakes or technical difficulties. Be proactive and assist the neighborhood if you discover issues with a job, particularly one that is open for application. In the job's comments section, use the form to "Flag difficulties with this work," and if necessary, promptly create a support ticket. Workplace "issues" that could exist include:

b) Do not add translation to comments : Please DO NOT put your translation in the comments section of a job . You might not be reimbursed for the work you did because a customer rejected it after using the translation from the comments section.

c) Respond quickly and professionally to Customers and MNF : Read the customer comments and questions carefully, then respond as soon as possible with clarity and professionalism. Avoid using vulgar or harsh language. Give customers no justifications or private information. Try to settle conflicts amicably and effectively. You must respond quickly to notifications from MNF and customers because most communication is time-sensitive (such as comments on a job). Failure to read communications or notices, particularly those that could result in the loss of your compensation, is entirely your fault.

d) Do not lock off jobs : Only take on jobs that you can start working on right now. Customers need translations rapidly, and once you begin a task, no other translator may access it or contribute to it. You are abusing the service and the community of translators by starting a job but not finishing it. Included in this are, but not limited to:

e) Meet deadlines : Make sure you have the time, expertise, and abilities necessary to finish a work by the deadline before accepting it. If you cannot accomplish a task before the deadline, do not start it. If there are exceptional circumstances that prevent You from finishing a work, You shall use every reasonable attempt to cancel it right away.

4. MNF will help You perform Your job in the following ways:

a) Customer/Translator disputes : MNF will fairly and sensibly consider Customer/Translator conflicts. The MNF support team will specifically review all refused translations, taking into account:

b) Promptly respond to support tickets : We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible, typically within a few hours, to urgent job/bug related tickets. General queries will be given lower priority than these essential ones.

c) Remind Customers of their responsibilities and restrictions : Customers that regularly squander the time of translators, refuse translations outright, or make excessive demands will receive warnings from MNF. Customers who regularly misuse the Services may be terminated by MNF (at its discretion).

5. Compensation and time commitment

Before beginning a job, you will be made aware of the pay rate on the job details page. You consent to MNF's right to deduct from, reduce, or otherwise adjust Your accrued compensation balance in the following circumstances:

6. You agree to be paid by MNF supported payment providers

You acknowledge that any remaining balance on your final compensation will be paid to you in Indian currency through payment providers supported by MNF ("Payment Providers"). Information about Payment Providers must be accessible via the MNF website. MNF will not employ any other payment method, including wire transfers. Without your permission, MNF will not process payments to you. To receive money from MNF, your account with the Payment Provider must always be active. If a payment request is received by MNF prior to the deadline, payments will be made to Translators on the 10th and 25th of each month (the "Payment Dates''). On the third of that month at 5:00 p.m. IST, the deadline for the 10th is set. On the 18th of that month, at 5:00 PM IST, the deadline for the 25th will be reached. Payment delays brought on by a Payment Provider's services are not MNF's fault.

7. You agree to sign Indian tax and regulatory documentation

The MNF will be used to make payments. Currently, MNF is compelled by Indian tax law to ask translators who get funding from MNF for specific taxpayer information (whether such persons are Indian taxpayers or not). In the future, if Indian law demands it, we might ask you for more information. All data gathered will only be utilized to meet MNF's legal obligations in India; it won't be put to any other use.

8. You agree that MNF owns the translated works

You acknowledge that MNF, whether alone or in conjunction with others, or in connection with Your dealings with MNF, solely owns all right, title, and interest in any materials you provide to MNF, including but not limited to all Client Materials, translated works, localizations for, translations for email notifications and web orders, and localizations for

9. You are an independent contractor

You work for MNF as an independent contractor. Nothing in this Agreement should be read to imply that You are MNF's agent, employee, or representative. You do not have the right to bind MNF to any liabilities or obligations, or to claim that you do. You consent to provide (or compensate MNF for) all equipment and supplies required to complete Your task, as well as to bear all related costs. Any income that must be reported and any taxes or other fees associated with it, such as self-employment taxes, are your exclusive responsibility.

10. You agree to indemnify MNF

You consent to defend, indemnify, and hold MNF, its affiliates, and each of their respective directors, officers, and employees harmless from and against any and all taxes, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including court costs and other related costs, resulting directly or indirectly from or in connection with (i) Your carelessness, recklessness, or intentional wrongdoing; (ii) a court or government agency's finding that You are not an independent contractor; (iii) Your violation of any of the covenants in this Agreement and the associated MNF Translator NDA; (iv) Your failure to carry out your responsibilities as a Translator in accordance with all relevant laws, rules, and regulations; or (v) any actual or alleged violation of a third party's rights.

11. Terms, Termination, Loss of Compensation

As soon as you accept and agree to this Agreement, your relationship with MNF officially begins. It lasts until either you or MNF give notice to discontinue it. Upon giving You notice, MNF may immediately terminate this Agreement if You:

Additionally, MNF reserves the right to terminate any pending jobs, withhold payment (including for jobs in progress) permanently or temporarily, and remove one or more qualification levels from Your list of options.

12. General

The Indian legal system is in charge of interpreting this Agreement. Any claims or disagreements must be settled in New Delhi, India's state or federal courts. This Agreement may be changed at any moment by MNF. You should frequently review the terms. You should stop using the Platform if you do not agree to its changed terms of service. It is governed by this Agreement how MNF and You interact. It does not grant any rights to third parties as beneficiaries. If you violate this Agreement and we don't immediately take action, it doesn't indicate that we are waiving any rights that we may have otherwise (such as taking action in the future). No other terms will be affected if it turns out that a particular phrase is not enforceable. This Agreement cannot be assigned, transferred, or delegated in any way without MNF's prior written approval. Any part of this Agreement may be assigned, transferred, or delegated by MNF with or without Your consent. Without MNF's approval, any attempt you make to assign, transfer, or delegate this Agreement will be void.